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Wedding Questionnaire

Basic Information

Day of Events 

On the day of events we need a dependable point of contact with decision making ability to reach Ideally (Your wedding planner, Maid of honor, Mother, Father ETC) 

What is your approximate schedule for the day (Various venues, Etc) You are welcome to upload a schedule here if you have it 

Upload File
Does The Ceremony/Church allow Flash Photography (Reccomended)


Are you live streaming your wedding

Live streaming is a great way for members to view your special day if they were not able to make it in person.

Streaming quality is dependent on the speed and reliability of the internet connection at the venue. We recommend  a speed of 20mbps upload for a HD Quality stream. (if there are many guests on the wifi network speeds will be slower)  occasionally  cellular internet may be used but speeds vary from location to location and not recommended

It is the responsibility of you the client to ensure the venue has adequate internet speeds 

Does the Ceremony/Church have HIGH SPEED INTERNET 20mbps upload speed (Required for good live stream performance)
Where would you like to livestream
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