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Capture Your SXSW Moments

Bring Your SXSW
Events to Life with Expert Media Coverage

Make your SXSW event the spectacle it deserves to be with our unparalleled Video & Photo coverage. We're not just capturing moments; we're crafting experiences.

Discover Our Comprehensive SXSW Coverage Services

Single and Multi-Cam Keynote Video Coverage: Multiple angles bring keynotes to life, ensuring no moment is missed.

Full Event Coverage: From opening to close, we document your event in its entirety, capturing the full SXSW experience.

Short Form Social Media Reels: Engage your online audience with snappy, shareable content crafted for impact and reach.

Sizzle Reels: Condense the excitement of your event into captivating highlight reels, perfect for promotions and recaps.

Raw Footage Delivery: Gain access to all unedited footage, offering you unlimited creative control for future use.

Behind-The-Scenes Content: Peek behind the curtain with BTS footage, revealing the hard work and fun that goes into SXSW.

Comprehensive Photo Coverage: Capture every aspect of your event, from keynote speeches to spontaneous attendee interactions.

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Ready to Get Booked? Schedule a call

Every moment is a masterpiece waiting to be captured. Don’t let yours slip away. In the vibrant heartbeat of San Antonio, our team is ready to freeze your golden moments into eternal memories. Slots are filling quickly – seize your moment with Nitro Media Group. Book your appointment today and embrace the extraordinary.

Have Any Questions

Got questions or need a quote? We're here to help. Whether it's about photography, videography, or any other inquiries, just drop us a line. We're ready to assist you and make things easy.

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